God Moves On The Water

by Tobacco Pat

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All songs written and recorded by Logan Farmer.

Any questions, concerns, booking, etc: Logan@tobaccopat.com


released May 5, 2011

Special thanks to Drew Burk and Spork Press, Steven Simmons, Cici Ross, Nicky Roscoe-Calvert, and everyone who listens and thinks


all rights reserved



Tobacco Pat Jacksonville

Tobacco Pat is singer-songwriter/producer Logan Farmer. He also releases music under the moniker Monarch Mtn:

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Track Name: Lawrence Weber
Lawrence Weber was a Tennessee son
Fought for the same freedom that his father done
Lived two hundred years and then he died
And with all the ghosts that are in this town
And all the roses growing red around
You’d think Lawrence would know when he was done
But he wasn’t

And Lawrence grew up like any kid
Loved the Lord Jesus like his mama did
Made love to his first woman at thirteen
Her skin translucent he felt her veins
Blue little roads being pushed away
Lawrence loved her meat til it was cold
Then he buried her bones

Lawrence met the devil in a Tennessee bar
Dressed up like a fellow he’d met in a car
Picking up a gram of smack from a guy he knew
And the Devil talked sweet, looked him square in the eye
Licked his teeth, told him “baby of mine,
Aren’t you supposed know when you are through?
Or have they not told you?”

Lawrence never knew, never had been told
What really happens to you when your meat runs cold
And your heart stops beating and your eyes run dry
And your thoughts keep sinking until you realize
That nothing true had been thought out and nothing that’s you is you right now
And all that ever was never will be
What you need it to be
Track Name: Candidus
I’m living well
When every color in your eye blurs into one
But I’d rather kill myself
Then see you run around town with your dress undone

But you touched a part of me untouchable

But I lived in a house
With a hole in the ceiling I put my fist through
But I’m busting out
The only hole I got now is the one I’ll put in you

You’ve touched a part of me untouchable
You loved a part of me unloved

All the boys are gone
One way or another behind bars under cover, gone
And the dogs have all been scared off
By the breaking of bottles and the taking of Candidus

Take the martyr from the saint and he’s nothing but a dead man
Take the water from the wine and it’s nothing but gin
And living in a world like this is a joke, man
But I’d rather kill myself than see you with him

I’ll take us home
On the way i’ll convince you that I am the devil
And I think I’ll kill us both
And once we’re done, we’re done, nothing special

You’ve touched a part of me untouchable
Track Name: Calvary
Spent mornings in Golgotha with my fingers in his spine
And my belly on the soil on a Friday so Divine.
Sucking all the water from tiny dried up stones,
I missed you in the morning when you promised to be home.

Spent a month or so in Calvary, I saw mountains move in men
And the beasts that were inside them were beasts until the end.
Sharpening my teeth with bits of iron, bits of stone,
I missed you in the morning when you promised to be home

There are wiser men in Bethlehem than the darkest kings and crows
And the light that comes forth from them, is blacker than the soul.
Is that the holy fool inside you, love? Or is that the holy ghost
I missed you in the morning when you promised to be home.

Little Libra stand beside me love as our flesh creates a road
And I'll walk on down that path you carved with pockets laced with gold
And Yeshua please forgive me if I no longer pray alone,
But I missed you in the morning when you promised to be home.
Track Name: Bright One
In the America I dream of
I took off all your clothes
And you walked around Manhattan
Unafraid of being known

And you climbed the Rocky Mountains
And you claimed the tallest peaks
And before I knew what happened
You were right back next to me

And it’s true you are a bright one
And I can lead the way
And you can leave the lights on
If it keeps the fear at bay
And I am not a secret
You know I get scared too
And I don’t think we need this
The way they all do

In the America I dream of
There were no cement roads
And every time you took a path
You always ended up back home

And home was not a memory
Or a picture on TV
Or an ad placed in a magazine
That is the law to read

And the laws were what you thought they were
When you were just a kid
And convicts were more happy to be helped
Than to be hid

And it’s true you are a bright one
And you should lead the way
To a den without the lions
To a sin without the blame
And I am not a secret baby
I break things too
But I don’t think I need it
Like I think I need you

In the America I dream of
I saw you standing there
In the moonlight of St. Petersburg
You cut off all your hair

And you stood under the archway
Your body white and clean
And putting down the amputated
Whispered close to me

You said “You are my bright one,
But there are souls to save
And peace to desire
And mercy to be gained
And I’m not a diamond
The way you say I am
I’m just another island
And you are the sand
And life is just an ocean
And the sky is the oar
And Christ is just a sailor
Trying to find a whole new world”
Track Name: The Skull
My daddy said he killed a bear
Where the river cuts right through the ridge
And mother’s in the basement cleaning
Bleeding from her fleshy hips
And I came forth between those legs
My mouth as black as midnight sky
And dripping from the grips of death
My breath became entombed with life
And it starts snowing in December
Ivory canyons boot prints leave
I must be strong, do you remember
When I could barely climb that tree?
And I found some bullets from the war
My pockets weighted down with lead
I’ll hide them from my daddy for
I don’t believe he’d understand
That I became a man last fall
When wild dogs cross o’er the plains
When I put his coat on, boots and all
And with his rifle took my aim
Shot one dead across the brow
The others scattered through red leaves
Chopped his head off with my plow
And let it sit for several weeks
While he was off some place unheard of
Fighting villains unforeseen
Returned blank faced part of his ear was
Left back where he left his dreams
Now I listen to him holler, mother hiding from his rage
And every night I’m growing stronger something in my bones has changed
And something in the wind smells sweeter; I can hear the towns from miles away
And in the darkness as he beats her, something moves beneath my weight
And I am standing in the darkness; I feel nothing in my legs
A heart is something torn apart, a skull is something beneath my bed
Track Name: The Saints
The saints came down from the mountain
Dragging sacks of gold
I asked them where they found it
They said “Charlie, we don’t know
We just woke up one cold morning
Last Easter I think it was
To find Mary had stopped her worrying
And Joseph had found his cause
He said ‘brothers gather around me
For I am a whole new man
And if the angels hadn’t found me
Man, I’d be deader than dead’
And that’s so
I suppose
He’s right

And Joseph drank rye whiskey
Like any roadhouse kid
And James was hardly tipsy
Even after several swigs
And we laughed ourselves to weeping
And we talked for quite a while
Were surprised at Mary sleeping
Like any thoughtless child
And we said ‘man why the change?
The last time we came around here
She could hardly say my name?'
And that’s so
I suppose
He’s right

And Joseph ain’t specific
Charlie you know how he is
He just pointed to his forehead
And said her laugh is all he’ll miss
And the doctor’s from Jerusalem
He’s seen her kind before
And she insisted on this to be done
She can’t wait here any more
And there will be no charge
For the doctor said a job like this is an honor to take on
And that’s so
You know
He’s right

And the taxman holds his liquor
Better than us queens
And he asked him in a whisper
If he’s saying what he means
And Joseph stood up slowly
With his fingers in his hair
And said ‘man it’s been nine goddamn years
And I feel like no one’s there
And I know she believes
But it’s too much on a mother’s heart
To take it as it seems’
And I know
I suppose
He’s right

So Charlie soon we passed out
And by morning they’d moved on
And we found our bags full of
What you see now in our arms
And I’m not sure how I’m feeling
And I’m not sure where we’ll go
But I think we’ll go into the city
I can see the lanterns glow
If you’d like to you can join us
And that’s where we will be
But don’t mention this to anyone
Especially to me”
And they rode off
Track Name: God Moves On The Water
Slipping through the ether at a ’59 boogie
Gonna keep you in my arms gonna let you keep looking
At the boy in the corner getting drunk getting horny
I can feel through your dress, keep that ass next to me
And I bought a little gun, it’s a 35 browning
Gonna let my baby run, gonna shoot her to the ground yeah

And I met her as a sparrow on the Tennessee River
Worked straight through the winter just to give what I could give her
Feather after feather yes she fell off into splinters
And as the weather turned better I’d forget we were together
She flew off into hills, she’s my cannonball baby
If the gun don’t keep her still, get a rope, find something heavy, yeah

I’ve been sleeping in the woods since I traded out my Chevy
I’ve been pawning all my goods just to stay iced out my head
I feel the blood running and you best believe I’m ready
And I feel the lord coming just the very way he said
With the beast with seven heads and the 666
And the harlot in my bed turning tricks, tricks, tricks, yeah

And you’ll find the best stuff up in Anderson County
Where the running goes rough but the money’s to be found
Up there’s my little sister with a boy from Oklahoma
I always come back missing fingers but with pockets full of dough
And God moves on the water and Christ did walk the earth
But the Devil’s got a daughter and she’s in my baby girl, yeah

Before my daddy died he told me how he killed the Germans
And how he walked over a mine but the damn thing barely hurt him
And he stole the Iron Cross from a Waffen-SS captain
And he wouldn’t feel the loss more than he felt the bashing
And if war was made by god well it’s a damn fine thing
And if men were made by god well they’re a damn fine thing, yeah
And if I was made by god and god is just like me
I got a fire in my belly and the road’s my open sea
And if God moves on the water and birds belong in trees
Then she’s blinder than I thought her but she’s wiser than she seems
Track Name: The Saints ii
Charlie I’ve been sleeping by the river
I’m sure you know the place
It’s lovely under the stars, man
If you want to stay up that late

Charlie man I got to tell you
That I just don’t know what it is
Why being holy feels so wicked
When you don’t know what holy is

I mean I’ve been reading all of these hymnals
Since Basil taught me how to read
They call him fool but man I’ll tell you
They don’t know a goddamn thing

But yeah I sing like I’m supposed to
They put the tenors in the back
And I’m getting good at the piano
It was Paul who taught me that

I think it all started with that lady
Bathing naked in the dark
And when everyone had passed out
Out into the pitch I’d walk

And every night for months I loved her
Until her flesh became my own
Against her body in the water
Her dripping hips so white and cold

And Charlie, man I’ve always liked you
That’s why I’ll tell you this and more
Of Babel’s bitches and the man who
Went and crucified our Lord

Did you hear they flipped poor Peter Over?
Until the blood ran out his ears?
How could you die for your father?
If dying only leads to tears?

If you’d like to come down to the river
You can meet my girl tonight
She’s sweet to any swimmer
Or any boy who’s seen the light