God Moves On The Water

from by Tobacco Pat



Slipping through the ether at a ’59 boogie
Gonna keep you in my arms gonna let you keep looking
At the boy in the corner getting drunk getting horny
I can feel through your dress, keep that ass next to me
And I bought a little gun, it’s a 35 browning
Gonna let my baby run, gonna shoot her to the ground yeah

And I met her as a sparrow on the Tennessee River
Worked straight through the winter just to give what I could give her
Feather after feather yes she fell off into splinters
And as the weather turned better I’d forget we were together
She flew off into hills, she’s my cannonball baby
If the gun don’t keep her still, get a rope, find something heavy, yeah

I’ve been sleeping in the woods since I traded out my Chevy
I’ve been pawning all my goods just to stay iced out my head
I feel the blood running and you best believe I’m ready
And I feel the lord coming just the very way he said
With the beast with seven heads and the 666
And the harlot in my bed turning tricks, tricks, tricks, yeah

And you’ll find the best stuff up in Anderson County
Where the running goes rough but the money’s to be found
Up there’s my little sister with a boy from Oklahoma
I always come back missing fingers but with pockets full of dough
And God moves on the water and Christ did walk the earth
But the Devil’s got a daughter and she’s in my baby girl, yeah

Before my daddy died he told me how he killed the Germans
And how he walked over a mine but the damn thing barely hurt him
And he stole the Iron Cross from a Waffen-SS captain
And he wouldn’t feel the loss more than he felt the bashing
And if war was made by god well it’s a damn fine thing
And if men were made by god well they’re a damn fine thing, yeah
And if I was made by god and god is just like me
I got a fire in my belly and the road’s my open sea
And if God moves on the water and birds belong in trees
Then she’s blinder than I thought her but she’s wiser than she seems


from God Moves On The Water, released May 5, 2011


all rights reserved



Tobacco Pat Jacksonville

Tobacco Pat is singer-songwriter/producer Logan Farmer. He also releases music under the moniker Monarch Mtn:

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